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GonnyGlass Dutch born GonnyGlass is taking traditional glass-making to new artistic levels and the 21st century. Her fascination for street art and its context within the urban environment reflects her wry style and subject matter dealing with social issues and urban symbolism, translating this to her multimedia works, focusing on glass, a material that in itself is very much a representative of urban life.

Very much interested in the experimental possibilities of glass-making processes, Gonny combines this ancient medium, using a range of traditional and contemporary techniques, such as lost-wax casting, kilnforming and screenprinting with enamels and mixed media. She creates work based on themes that are fundamental to her artistic motivation, like reactions to real life events resulting in work that is both bold and seductive.

GonnyGlass is an urban glass & inventive mixed media artist living & working in London.

Representation in the Netherlands:
St. Art Gallery

+44 (0)79 5737 2531